Never realised where I lost my faith

Walking with y’all in the dark parade

Risked my whole life in the hands of fate

And that’s when you told me it was only trade.


I was young when you asked me to be your first man.

Can’t believe you tried to say I was a part of your clan.

Your place was so ghetto If I breathed I would die.

I would’ve always been out of place however you tried

Blame me all you want I guess, who cares if it’s true

I was all in when you pulled away didn’t even give me a clue.


As I begged you for your mercy pleaded you for a chance

You said we weren’t meant to be and I was in my own trance.

I know life goes further than just you by my side

I’ll walk again with all the pain that keeps me alive.

My problems are menial and my faith is my glory

Don’t know who I am without you but I can write my own story.

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